The picture is not representing Dresden, Germany, with all its pride and glory.
Why I love it for that? That’s the real Dresden how I know it from growing up there, stunning of pompous culture, but also dark of ruins and old buildings…

In the early morning when the sun barely rises and most tourists are sleeping, the streets are cleaned that moment. People rushing to work, waiting for the street car. The smell of fresh bread from an already open bakery … pigeons cooing … love it! 
— Katrin R. Galati

Ready to Start a Real Conversation with Your Audience & Customers in Germany?

Doing business in a foreign country and not speaking the language can be daunting, confusing, simply scary … not even able to understand your customer reviews, not even understanding the easiest question they might ask. Trusting Google Translate with your marketing messages, or a human translator who doesn’t know much your brand is like playing Russian roulette.


Websites are born internationally (by click on that URL from anywhere in the world) but people are not. Yes, they are open to being global, and yet they feel grounded and safe by their individual culture, including language:

Over 50 % of internet user’s indicated at a research that they wouldn’t buy online if the information isn’t in their native language.


We are here to help. We not only translate, localise and transcreate your content for your German audience – we provide you with the tools and education to empower you to see the many options and make best strategic content translation choices for your business.

Choose your own adventure

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