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We are empowering eco-lifestyle and holistic business owners through translating their brand and content into German so they can attract more clients on the German market and increase their global impact.

From making informed decisions to creating a strategic translation plan to finding your voice in the German language to bilingual content structures to seasonal marketing, we are here to guide you with education, support you with connections, offering German language services and facilitating a business community of like-minded.


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Doing Business in Germany is not a sprint.

It is a journey.

German Website Translation Roadmap

5 trends in 2024 &

their impact when expanding your business to Germany

Explore trends, opportunities & challenges in digital marketing when doing business in English & German.

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Wir bieten demnächst auch ausgewählte Inhalte in Deutsch an! Falls du informiert bleiben möchtest, kannst du uns gern Bescheid geben.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

You're just so easy to work with. Your communication is fantastic and you always delivered earlier than you said you would. We were able to launch our German product without any major hiccups and your consistent translation support was an integral part of that.

Ryan Schneiderman, Sr. User Acquisition Manager, Headspace

Katrin was easy to work with and was able to take our ideas and turn them in to a reality. The collaboration process with Katrin was effortless! While we experienced delays from other vendors during the switch over – Katrin was always done on time if not ahead of schedule.

Erica Schilt, Office Manager, H&R Waterworks, Inc

Bilingual Notes

Nadia S. Krauss: Pioneering the Path to Soul Health

Nadia S. Krauss: Pioneering the Path to Soul Health

In the 1980th, imagine, could you or your parents have started a conversation around health and energy levels, reclaiming your body, getting your power back, or being on a self-journey to find your soul purpose? You would have received a blank stare or a disdainful...

Translations on Purpose

is a consulting and language translation boutique that assists Eco-lifestyle & holistic companies by building beautiful and technical-simple customer journeys in English and German.


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