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12 Days of Thankfulness

Appreciate your German customers, guests, partners & vendors during this Holiday Season

starting November 22, 2022

an email series

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12 Days of Thankfulness

Appreciate your German customers, guests, partners & vendors during this Holiday Season


starting Nov 22, 2022

Say Thank you in this Holiday Season

(even if you don’t speak their language)


For 12 days, you will receive an email providing you with German-specific information and related tips that will help you show your German customers, guests, vendors, and partners that you appreciate and care about them.

While you are thanking:

  • learn more about the Germans in your business life,
  • show them that you care, build loyalty and increase sales,
  • receive marketing tips to use all year long.

This is particularly relevant when you are involved in expanding your business to Germany, want to build out your business bilingual, or if you want – instead of creating a new product again – to create more loyal customers in Germany.

12 Days of Appreciating your German customers, guests, partners & vendors

I designed this series for two reasons:

#1 For You as a way of having a 2-way-conversation with your German audience so they buy from you (and not your competitors) and;

#2 For me as a way of giving Thanks to You for being in my audience πŸ™‚

β€œToday, let us swim wildly, joyously in gratitude.”

― Rumi

About the Facilitator:
Katrin R Galati lives her life beyond borders and loves language beyond words. Her hunger for new experiences (plus a background in international hospitality & wellness) allowed her to live outside her native Germany in various cultures, systems, and countries.
She is passionate about assisting businesses with strategically translating marketing content, products & services into German and for the German market, expanding audience reach and making more sales.
Katrin is known by her clients and in her trade organizations for her creative ideas, resourcefulness, detail-oriented generosity and structured and easy way to work with.
She is living with her husband, son and extended family on a small farm at the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina.

Translations on Purpose

is a language translation and small business consulting boutique that is dedicated to helping eco-lifestyle and holistic businesses translate their brand and content into German so they can attract more clients on the German markets and increase global impact.


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