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The 8 Top FAQs answered to show how you can profit from translating your website into another language.

I have helped businesses in various niches and industries with translating and adapting their products, services and marketing material into German, from apps, website content, brand videos to email and PR campaigns, social contents and client communications.

In that time I have been asked hundreds of questions about the why, what and how to translate a brand into another language, most of them were circling around the website of a business.

There are 10 questions that were asked the most by far.
1. In how many languages should I translate my website?
2. How can I know that my products sell when translating them?
3. How can I know that translating my website is right for my business?
4. How much does language translation cost?
5. How do I figure out what exactly to translate?
6. Doesn’t Google Translate can do all those translations?
7. How do I guarantee the quality of translation when I don’t speak the language?
8. I translated it and what’s next?
Do you have one of these questions?

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Over the course of this email series, I will be answering each of these questions and show your options that help you make the best decisions when translating your website.

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