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How to Find, Hire & Work with a Translation Specialist

– the German Voice for You and Your Team

Free Masterclass on February 28, 2024


So you created that successful app and are ready to translate and market it in another country.


You create brand videos in English or teach an online class and want to add subtitles in – let’s say – the German language.
Your product sells on Etsy or on Shopify but could do so much better overseas when the shop would be optimized for customers over there.
You want to translate your your business website, your ebook optin, your kickstarter campaign


… so how can you find your voice in another language, meaning a trusted translator, available, efficient and competent?

Join me for a free Masterclass

Hi, I am Katrin R. Galati

and founder of Translations on Purpose, a consulting and language translation boutique.

Since 2010, I translated countless words into German, reviewed content on dozens of websites that were translated and adapted to the German Market. I created teams for projects in various languages – found, hired, trained and managed the various translators.
After listening to my clients’ worries about quality of their messaging in another language, the costs of ongoing translations and the headaches of hiring, I decided to provide this free Masterclass.



After this Masterclass:

  • you have the mindset and strategy to start your search;
  • you know where to find your translator, ask the right questions and apply the best hiring technics and;
  • you will know how to create with your translator a strong and lasting relationship – successful, efficient and on budget.
Join the live Masterclass, and if you write your job description, you may send it to me for a review and some real life feedback.

Speaking more than one language is not a profession.

Hire a professional translators to get your message across.

Join the Masterclass on February 28, 2024

12 pm EST / 9 am PST / 6pm CET

Translations on Purpose

is a consulting and language translation boutique that assists Eco-lifestyle & holistic companies by building beautiful and technical-simple customer journeys in English and German.


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