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What you’ll receive with this service:
  • compiled websites, facts and numbers about your industry or service sector, and if applicable your individual business
  • pointing to contact information or resources within your branch that could be key – if not now, then potentially later
  • handful of creative ideas, on how you can use the above information specifically for your business to test waters or marketing, right now.
  • You’ll receive a written report and a recorded audio version of it.
If you have a specific question about the report, you may schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with me.
The cost for this service is $250.
This service is provided in English. If you like the report & audio version in German, too, please add an additional $100.
How does it work:
Please fill out the application. We’ll assess your info and contact you within 24 hours with information to the payment page.
You will receive the report within 5 business days.

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