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We are empowering eco-lifestyle and holistic businesses through translating their brand and content into German so they can attract more clients on the German market and increase global impact.

From making informed decisions to creating a strategic translation plan to finding your voice in the German language to marketing and sales, we are here to guide you with education, support you with connections, offering German language services and facilitating a business community of like-minded.

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Website Translation Roadmap workshop

Translation is good, but having impact and/or increasing sales in German speaking markets is better! With this 10-day-workshop, you build marketing and sales right into the translation process of your business online. Read more…

German Website Translation Roadmap

Doing Business in Germany is not a sprint.

It is a journey.


Our Blog “Heimatgrüße” is dedicated almost entirely to shine a light on the aspects of expanding your business to the German markets, communicating authentically with your German language audience, getting more German-speaking customers and increasing global impact.

Nadia S. Krauss: Pioneering the Path to Soul Health

Nadia S. Krauss: Pioneering the Path to Soul Health

In the 1980th, imagine, could you or your parents have started a conversation around health and energy levels, reclaiming your body, getting your power back, or being on a self-journey to find your soul purpose? You would have received a blank stare or a disdainful...

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Supercharge marketing and draw German visitors your way

My recent project was the translation of a flyer for a local tourist bureau. It was an abstract of the county with essential info "on a glance" for individual travelers and groups, for travel agencies and business travelers. What was so special about? By itself or on...

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Katrin R Galati lives her life beyond borders and loves language beyond words. Her hunger for new experiences (plus a background in international food & hospitality) allowed her to live outside her native Germany in various cultures, systems, and countries. She is a German Translation Strategist who is helping eco-lifestyle and holistic businesses expand their market into Germany so they can attract more clients and increase global impact.
Katrin is known by her clients and in her trade organizations for her creative ideas, resourcefulness, and structured and easy way to work with.
When she is not changing the meaning of ‘international’ business to include language translation, she is studying systemic constellation, is gardening veggies, herbs & flowers, and cooking them up for body-soul nourishment or is sharing time with her loving and growing family.

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Translations on Purpose

is a language translation and small business consulting boutique that is dedicated to helping eco-lifestyle and holistic businesses translate their brand and content into German so they can attract more clients on the German markets and increase global impact.

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