16 ways to connect & start a conversation with German visitors on your website

a living document

Websites are international by nature.

With a click on a link or button, everybody everywhere on the world wide web can come to your website. And now with Social Media, with articles, with reviews – you can spread the reach even further or guide your efforts tailored to a specific consumer, visitor, customer, or guest group.

When you are reading this, you are interested in connecting and starting a conversation with your German-speaking audience.

I created a living document with 16 ways (and still adding) to do that without spending all your marketing budget on translations. I might give specific samples from various industries to visually demonstrate the idea, yet feel free to be creative and adapt them to your individual needs.

Creating a simple conversation strategy in German (even if you don’t speak German) can be a way for you to build relationships and increase
popularity and sales in Germany. It’s also a way to start testing the waters of your business representing itself in German language and to justify your investment in providing even more useful content in the German language.

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Our Motto is Relationships first.