Identify 10 sweet spots on your website to attract more German customers

Websites are international by nature through the click on its domain name.
Yet to harness the buying power of the over 90% of online audience whose native language is not English, you have to make your website quack like a duck.

Getting ready for Summer business!






This challenge is for you:


  • You are ready to make sales in Germany but don’t really know how and where to start;
  • have an e-shop, a website and want to increase your sales from German customers;
  • are using Google translate or similar bots and want to optimize your customer experience.


Why it’s a challenge?


Because once you identify significant spots on your website you can create a goal, use some or all of the “spots” to create a plan to grow your German audience, get more customers and sales and claim your market share in Germany.

During the challenge


  • receive info about German business rules and customs, the culture and country;
  • identify areas on your web presence essential for interacting with your audience and customers;
  • see options to use ‘sweet spots’ to create a plan to more sales;
  • get insights on website translation and how to find your voice in another language;
  • ask questions and receive answers live and via email.


How does it work


1. Sign up for the challenge.
2. Receive 10 emails over 2 weeks relating to the 10 sweet spots.
3. Identify key areas of your business online that can help claiming your market share in Germany*.

Bonus: Join weekly live Q&A sessions and ask your questions, receive answers, share gains.

*Yes, the main focus will be on the German market, yet the process can be applied mostly to any market you choose.