The One-Path-Map Challenge

November 9 – 11, 2022

live teaching & co-working

Free teaching & co-working

The One-Path-Map

More loyal customers in Germany


Nov 9 – 11, 2022,

Nov 9 & 10: 12 pm EST (30 min teaching)
Nov 11: 12 pm (90 min Q&A and silent co-working)

Our invitation

As business owner, marketer, customer service pro we see the big picture and the wheres, whats and the goal envisioned. Yet often, time is running out when going in the details, the flow of a beautiful and complete experience with you, your product and services, beyond technical functionality.

Yet those little details most often are the difference between a customer and a loyal customer, a good experience, but… and a wow-experience.period.
Especially, when exploring new opportunities, such as business overseas, in Germany. German customers are not easy customers.

That’s why in this teaching & co-working get-together we focus on One path through your business… and alter its impact on customer and clients.

In this free teaching & co-working I challenge you to soar like an eagle and map One strategic path for German visitors from the first encounter with your brand to a repeat experience, then tunnel down in the “ditch” and list what it takes to make it flow beautifully complete, and build it.

This teaching introduces you to

  • German culture differences,
  • myths about language translation,
  • logistics & technicalities overseas,
  • keys to more loyal customers from Germany.

This is particularly relevant when you are involved in expanding your business to Germany, want to build out your business bilingual, or if you want – instead of creating a new product again – to create more loyal customers in Germany.

“What you give your attention has more energy. Direct yours.” —Katrin R Galati

About the Facilitator:

Katrin R Galati lives her life beyond borders and loves language beyond words. Her hunger for new experiences (plus a background in international hospitality & wellness) allowed her to live outside her native Germany in various cultures, systems, and countries.

She is passionate about assisting businesses with strategically translating marketing content, products & services into German and for the German market, expanding audience reach and making more sales.

Katrin is known by her clients and in her trade organizations for her creative ideas, resourcefulness, detail-oriented generosity and structured and easy way to work with.

She is living with her husband, son and extended family on a small farm at the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina.

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