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presented by G.Clotaire Rapaille, and signed on January 1, 2000, in Paris.
1. All the cultures of world have rights similar to the Rights of Man.
2. Their first right is the right to exist.
3. The cultures of the world represent a universal patrimony. They belong to all the inhabitants of this planet. They are their creations.
4. We declare that it is a crime against humanity to deprive a member of a given culture of access to his culture or of any other culture of the world.
5. It is also a crime against humanity to repress or destroy (even partially) a culture.
6. The Rights of Cultures are limited by the respect of all other cultures in the same way that the Rights of Man are limited by the respect of the same rights for the other inhabitants of this planet (men and women).
7. Every culture has the right to have all the different elements of the culture respected, including (but not limited to) its beliefs, customs, religions, philosophies, language, education systems, art in its different forms (music, poetry, dance, cooking, folklore, and clothing).
Book source: 7 Secrets of Marketing in a Multi-Cultural World by G. Clotaire Rapaille