14. The representants of a given culture have the duty to respect the laws of the citizens of the country which have been decided democratically and to respect the Rights of Man.
15. As long as these cultures respect the democratic laws of the citizens and the Rights of Man, their rights to exist cannot be infringed.
16. The mission of the Declaration of the Rights of Cultures is to give the fundamental basis and reference to allow the cultures of the world to know each other.
17. Cultures are alive. They grow and change and keep recreating themselves. It is a crime against them to want to freeze them or to want to stop them from transforming themselves.
18. We solemnly declare that all the cultures of the world have the right to a representation similar to the right of nations, which expresses itself in the United Nations organization. This representation of cultures will be done in an organization named the United Cultures, and this organization will slowly replace the United Nations.
19. We solemnly declare that no globalization of the world is peacefully possible without a deep respect for the Rights of Cultures.

Book source: 7 Secrets of Marketing in a Multi-Cultural World by G. Clotaire Rapaille
visit his website: https://www.rapailleinstitute.com/