#12DaysThankfulness: Day 1
In the US state Washington is that smaller town called Leavenworth with a really interesting history. After the re-routing of the railroad and the closing of hub industries, the town lived on the brink of extinction. As a last hope the leaders of the community decided to change the appearance of the town to attract tourists. Gesagt getan. Some went to Germany and the Swiss mountains to study the architecture and then rebuild everything into a Bavarian town. The entire community incorporated the German life and gave the illusion of Bavaria in the Pacific Northwest. Restaurants offered German food, people dressed in Dirndl and Lederhosen, they played Polka music and adopted famous festivals such as the Christmas market (no need to mention Oktoberfest). 
Now, the city is known for that specific characteristic and tourists flock from near and far to Leavenworth all year round for a taste of Old World and sportive outdoor activities. 
Creating traditions and consistent activities in your specific store, hotel or service is very powerful and makes you memorable. You don’t have to incorporate a complete culture and identity change but pick what would works right where you are.
If you pick one or more of the traditions we’ll cover in the following days, that’s good. You also can involve your German customers overseas and check in with them on sharing their German tradition and get authentic input. And it doesn’t has to stop at the high Holidays, there year-round traditions.
Most of the Thankfulness ideas involve more than one channel of communication, if not all. So you can implement the tips on your website, your brick-and-mortar business, your social sites (such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest).
Although we are focusing in this email series more on your German customers, most of that Thankfulness can be given to your customers of other ethnic backgrounds. 
With that, I invite you to send a personal Greeting card to your foreign language customers in their language, at least the greetings. You can click on the link below and receive a pdf with Holiday and New Years Greetings in 25 languages. Download all greetings here.