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March Series: Website Translation

How to get started with website translation?
The 8 Top FAQs with answers that walk you through the steps of translating your website into another language. Find more details here >>>





Katrin R Galati lives her life beyond borders and loves language beyond words. Her hunger for new experiences (plus a background in international food & hospitality) allowed her to live outside her native Germany in various cultures, systems, and countries.
She is passionate about supporting businesses with translating & transcreating marketing content, products & services into German and for the German market, expanding their audience and making more sales.
She created the Website Translation Roadmap™ program for business owners to make informed strategic decisions and plans about translating their brand into any language.
Katrin is known by her clients and in her trade organizations for her creative ideas, resourcefulness, detail-oriented generosity and structured and easy way to work with.
When she is not changing the meaning of ‘international’ business to include language translation, she is studying systemic & family constellation, is gardening veggies, herbs & flowers and cooking them up for body-soul nourishment or is hanging with her loving and growing family.

Translations on Purpose

is a language translation and small business consulting company that is dedicated to supporting businesses in reaching international markets, making their products and services available in a different language and growing a foreign language customer base.


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