#12DaysThankfulness: Day 3

When my German parents are visiting us here in the US, my mother’s standard reply when someone talks to her is “I don’t speak English.” Yet her being open with a smile somewhat guides her through situations.
She is adapted to the internet, though, and when she is searching for a destination here in the US, she is using Machine Translation to get a hint of the sightseeing attraction or town (except when [tulip] bulbs are translated as Glühbirnen 🙂, yet when it comes to booking a lodging place, she’s asking me for assistance.

Even when German consumers speak some English, Germans are keen on their privacy, are reluctant to set up accounts in online stores, and are hesitant with online payments.

So, if nothing else, consider translating your shopping cart, the checkout, the receipt, and the follow-up process. Make the German skeptical mind feel safe and at ease when they are paying for your products and services online. (Just imagine how you would feel paying on a German or Italian shopping cart).

**Thank them for their business & create loyal customers by translating the critical check-out process.**

Which tools are you using currently for your checkout? Let me know in this short 3-question mini survey and I’ll include them in my training about creating a bilingual checkout process.