#12DaysThankfulness: Day 2

The Advent calendar was first used by German Lutherans in the 19th century. It was mainly used for counting the days in December in anticipation of Christmas. It is now used in Germany mainly by Children but traditions brought forward many versions for adults as well. Nowadays it is used around the world by many Christian denominations, and also non-religious worldviews.

There are paper calendars with 24 small doors to open, one for every day, with pictures behind, little sweet treats, quotes, and prayers. There are calendars created from windows on a building, where windows are lit up on their designated days, and communities are involved in lively calendars where you can go for stories to the house of the specific day. There are homemade calendars of endless possibilities, and nowadays, also virtual calendars.

Implement this high holiday tradition of your German guests and customers and get creative with your own community – local or virtual – and make the days to Christmas, to your particular holiday celebration, or the days of December in general, exciting for all your customers and guests. Following are ideas to engage and start a conversation:

  • Each opening of a window could be daily drawings for prices from your product store or digital library
  • A daily window depicting a free sample presentation of your products (to taste, to hear, to see, to touch)
  • Join forces as a business community: each store can present a day of the calendar and be designated to a holiday open house, a treat, a holiday story time, or crafting, depending on the business.
  • Provide tips and tricks and secrets for each window of the calendar
  • The calendar could be turned into a contest or scavenger hunt within the community

Using these and other activities can help you grow your email list and audience at the same time.

There is no end to possibilities in using the international language of the Holiday season.

Share your ideas with us on IG @beingtranslated, and share pictures if you are using it. Use the hashtags

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From all participants I am drawing one person to send a personalized gift.