Seasonal Greetings for your International Customers

Seasonal Greetings for your International Customers

Imagine, you spend a wonderful vacation in a far away city, ate in a nice restaurant, had an adventurous time with a rented bike, took an RV to cross the country, you bought a special souvenir in a store, or took a guided tour or learned cooking overseas … and then, in the mail, you receive a Christmas card from that other country and it wishes you Christmas in their language and in yours, it’s even personalized with your name or another special note that tells you, they mean YOU.

Imagine, you have a local ethnic community that buys your products and services, are your guests and visitors. Can you show them gratitude in a similar way?

Christmas and New Year cards are displayed during the holiday season, the time of giving, next to your other Christmas cards. How many time during that Christmas time did you think of that service, product, the people you met there, the memories? Quite often.

Take that hour or two to thank those who made your (business) day, and show gratitude in their language.

I put together for you a sheet with saying “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” in many of the European languages for you to send a personalized note if you wish. Enter your email here and we will send the paper to you.

Advents Calendar for List building and so much more

Advents Calendar for List building and so much more

The Advent calendar was first used by German Lutherans in the 19th century. It was mainly used for counting the days in anticipation of Christmas. It now is used in Germany mainly by Children but traditions brought forward many versions for adults as well. Nowadays it is used around the world by many Christian denominations, and also non-religious world views.

There are paper calendars with 24 small doors to open, one for every day, with pictures behind, little sweet treats, quotes, and prayers. There are calendars created from windows on a building, where windows lit up on their designated days, communities are involved in lively calendars where you can go for stories to the house of the specific day. There are home-made calendars of endless possibilities, and today, of course, virtual calendars.

The 24 windows of the front of Hellbrunn Palace used as an Advent calendar during the town's Christmas market

The 24 windows of the front of Hellbrunn Palace used as an Advent calendar during the town’s Christmas market; Credit: Matthias Kabel

You really can get creative with your own community – local or virtual – and make the days to Christmas, to your particular holiday celebration or the days of December in general, exciting for your customers and guests. Following are Ideas three ideas

  • Each opening of a window could be daily drawings for prices from your store or lodging amenities
  • With a Christmas tree at your property or location, or the market square, little gift boxes could hang on it, one for each day to win by your customers.
  • A daily window depicting free sample presentation of your products (to taste, to hear, to see, to touch – depending the business)
  • Join forces as a business community: each store can present a day of the calendar and be designated to a holiday open house, a treat, an international holiday story time or crafting, depending on the business.
  • Provide tips and tricks and secrets for each window of the calendar
  • You could include a charity drive (donations or percentage of sales, could run weekly per charity)
  • The calendar could be turned into a contest or scavenger hunt within the community

Using these and other activities can help you grow your email list and audience at the same time.

There is no end to possibilities in using the international language of the Christmas season.

Tree Lighting with an Attitude

Tree Lighting with an Attitude

Christmas tree lighting in the US is done in almost every town and city in the US and most Europe around the first Advent. Adding Lights (also known as Fairy lights) to a needle tree goes back to the 18th century Germany where Christmas trees were decorated in upper-class homes with candles which symbolizes Christ being the light of the world. Displaying the trees publicly became popular in the early 20th century, candles were exchanged for electrical lighting.

Adding a tree to your business property and creating a lightning ceremony can become a wonderful annual tradition to your customers, visitors, and people who work for you. There is a gentle touch, a warm light that can bring all people coming in contact with it into a holiday mood of your considerate creation, leading up to Christmas Eve and Day with Christ-in-mass’ or Christ-consciousness.

Be aware of foreign market public holidays and school breaks

Int'l Sales Tip of the DayCurrently, I am planning our trip to Europe this summer. We will be traveling to Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Czech Republic to visit family, doing some research and business.
But mostly, we will be in Germany. A close ally with lots of travel planning experience is my mother in Germany. The first thing she told me was to check the German holidays and school break schedule as those days and weeks would influence prices, possible reservation needed for popular destinations, transportation, and crowdedness in trains, planes and on the Autobahn. And that schedule is not uniform in all Germany. German public holidays, except for the German Unity Day, are determined by the federal states (“Bundesländer”), however, school holiday breaks may vary from region to region.


Following are very handy websites for getting informed about those dates.


In English:


And in German:


You also should take those days well in consideration when doing business in Germany. Yes, for traveling to Germany but also for planning on
  • launching a new product or service,
  • having an email campaign where you like to engage Germans in Germany, or
  • holding international meetings – online or offline on site –
to name just a few other occasions.


Recap your stats for designated actions

International Sales Tip of the DayIt’s the beginning of the year and, although you are in momentum and swing of following your international business strategy, it’s a good idea to review your website, marketing, and sales statistics and see if your strategy needs adjustment. Yes, it is most likely part of your processes anyway, yet when things work well and we see some daily sales and visitors, a detailed review might get a not so close look. Following are a few questions to ask yourself:

Are the foreign visitors of my website proportional still the same or do I get visitors from a market that I haven’t considered yet?
Is my landing/sales page for my freebie, products or newsletter still performing the same or should you test some changes in content/design?
How active are the people interacting with your activities on social media, or should you create a challenge, webinar or specific info to boost activity and sign-up?
What are developments in your targeted foreign market(s)?
Are there special events you should consider attending, sponsoring, speaking at?

Being specific even in times of good progression can result in small changes that can result in big shifts. Always find 1 to 5 adjustments to your strategy to guaranty growth.

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